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Whiskey Stones & Glass Gift Set

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    • UNIQUE IDEAL GIFTS FOR MEN -This whiskey stones gift set for men is expertly designed to meet personal and unique is both a passion and a pleasure. Our whiskey glass gift set is designed to perfectly chill drinks and is a great gift for any whiskey lover! Ideal gift for Christmas, Father's Day, birthday, anniversary, wedding, retirement, party, holiday, or any other occasion.
    • SAFETY AND REUSABLE 8 WHISKY ROCKS - Our whiskey stones are made of natural granite that can chill your whiskey without diluting your drink and adding unpleasant flavors that ice may introduce. These stones are highly polished and have a slick surface will be no risk of them scratching your glass.
    • PERFECT WHISKEY STONES AND GLASS SET - Not only has a whiskey glass set of 2, 8 whiskey chilling stones, 1 velvet storage bag, 1 steel tongs, and 2 free cork coasters inside but also has the elegant classical wooden box outside. An awesome gift is very suitable for your dad, husband, boss, brother, grandfather, boyfriend, everyone who is a whiskey lover!
    • HIGH-QUALITY CRYSTAL WHISKEY GLASSES - These whiskey glasses (10 OZ) are made of lead-free glass, transparent, non-scratches, and the modern shape perfect for tasting whiskey, scotch, bourbon, or other drink.
    • MEET ALL YOUR NEEDS -Come with 8 whiskey stones that will chill your whiskey without watering it down and 2 glasses and the extra 2 coasters to better enjoy your whiskey.

    Customer Reviews

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    great gift

    Great Gift

    Very nice gift my step dad loves it.

    Webster C Jordan
    Value for money

    Gift for brother

    Is giftable

    A gift

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