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Kid's Shooting Target & Blaster Guns

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    • The package contains: 2 * Toy Gun, 1 * Stand Moving Target, 9 * Blue foam bullet, 9 * Orange foam bullet, 1 * Manual, 1 * USB cable
    • Unique design: Compared with the old model, we set the target to move left and right automatically, which adds more fun and interactivity to the game. It is the perfect gift for you and your child to cultivate a parent-child relationship
    • Humanized mode: We have passed tens of thousands of market surveys and 14,000 in-plant tests to determine the moving speed of the target. We have set up two-speed modes, you can adjust according to your own situation
    • Safe and simple: All bullets are made of foam balls with a diameter of 1 inch. The shooting is done by air pressure. The impact is very small and will not cause any harm to the human body. It is very suitable for children to play. You only need to put the bullets into the toy gun to start the game

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Awesome game

    My boys are so happy with this game. Bought is as a birthday gift and it's still going strong. I personally love that the little balls are soft!

    Was a gift now I need one for me lol

    This product is a Christmas gift but being the antsy gifted I am I did open the box to check it out. I ended up playing with the two popper guns for at least an hour! I am now tempted to buy this gift for my household as well LOL! It's a pretty decent size. Comes with high quality material made product! Would reccomend.

    Advantage Home Solutions
    Cheaply built but fun

    We ordered this for our 6yo birthday. It's simple to assemble and he loved it.

    Traci Jilka
    Awesome toy!

    We ordered this gift for my son’s best friend who turned 8. He had been wanting a nerf gun that shot out balls. Loved the reviews and added bonus that the target moves! He was so excited to open it and loved using it outside on his driveway and in his basement. I will definitely buy again and might have to buy again someday for my own kids’ birthday.

    Great for the whole family!

    This was definitely more than I expected. I didn’t realize when I ordered it that it was a moving target. My son was so excited and that it came it more guns as well. Definitely recommend your kids and husband will love it!

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