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10" Digital Picture Frame - Black

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    • Wide Viewing Angle IPS Screen with Adjustable Brightness: 178 Degree Wide Viewing Angle IPS screen and 1920x1080 resolution lets you get clear, rich, and vibrant colors photos on the front or side like your iPad. You can also adjust the brightness (0-100) of the screen according to the room light.
    • Image Preview and Auto Rotation: This 10-inch photo frame has a unique image preview function, which is very easy to find the picture you want in hundreds of pictures. With the help of remote control or menu button, you can easily delete any files you don't want. The frame adjusts automatically the direction of the photo whether your photo is horizontal or vertical.
    • Slide Show & Break-point Play: This digital photo frame has multiple slide show effects, and you can choose to play your photos randomly or sequentially. Break-point play allows the frame to continue to play the photo/music/video you view last time when the frame is on again.
    • Easy to Use: Please turn on the power, then plug in an SD card or USB Drive (up to 128GB, FAT32, sd card, and USB drive not included), the frame will automatically play your photo. You can choose the size of the photo in the settings to avoid distortion of the photo, easy to use.
    • With Background Music: You can download your favorite music to the SD card. When you enjoy your photo, the concert will give you a more pleasant atmosphere. More interesting features clock, calendar, auto power on/off, picture zoom, and 360-degree rotation are waiting for you to explore. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Beautiful, vivid pictures and video

    This digital photo frame is really beautiful for the price. The pictures are super vivid and the video and sound look fantastic. I am very happy. The remote control is very responsive and easy to use. I had a hard time at first getting a 64gb SD card to work and the seller really went out of their way to work with me and get an SD card that worked.Great options for display time, 3,5,10,15, 30, 60 sec and much longer, random or sequential picture display, 1, 2, 4 pics per screen, a calendar with a smaller window that displays the photos.Brightness and gray scale settings, you can select a time and days for the display to automatically turn on and start.Note: make sure you select original or scale for picture display so that the photos don’t look distorted.I will be buying one to give my parents for Christmas this year.

    Great frame and great function,easy to use it!

    Great frame and comes with great functionsI was searching for a digital picture frame as I wanted to put all my photos and videos on it. Finally got what I want. This frame comes with a stand so that I can put this frame at my desk also it has hanging hole so that I can hang it on the wall.I had my photos and videos on SD card and it was just simply plug and play. I can control the frame from a distance using the remote control. The pictures looks very clear and the IPS Display is visible from wide angles with no loss of picture quality. The frame automatically rotates to correct orientation of pictures. I love that it can play music with slide show of photos. And I can choose different effects of slide show. The frame can also display several photos simultaneously which is cool. It has many other functions like calendar, clock, alarm, clcok, auto On/Off timer, brightness setting and many more. It doesn’t use battery so no hassle for changing battery. Totally happy with this purchase!

    Maxim Larin
    Easy to use

    I was very skeptical about digital photo frames but my house is full of traditional wall frames, there is no much space left, so my wife insisting on giving a digital one a try. And it turned out to be great. It was super easy to set it up, I just uploaded a bunch of pictures on a memory card and inserted it into the frame, plugged it into the outlet and voila! It shuffles the pictures automatically, and it is such a pleasure to pass my living room and see different pictures each time, especially nice it is with some old pictures! I placed it on a shelf but you can also put it on the wall too. It also has some other features such as video and something else, but i haven't tried them )

    Perfect for my office!

    I recently moved offices, and lost a lot of wall space for the pictures that I had. So I bought this frame that I could place on my desk instead. It is perfect. It is the perfect size to sit on my desk, The screen is bright, and it has a long enough power cord to run underneath my desk to the wall outlet. It was easy enough to set up, it took me longer than expected because I didn’t read the product description where it does not have any internal memory. So I had to order a memory card for it and then transfer pictures over. it’s very easy to set up, and has the ability to play videos, music, it has a calendar, and even a remote to control everything. This is a good investment. I am so happy that I got this, my office is better with it!

    I'm really loving this

    My grandkids love seeing their pictures when they come to my house, so I wanted this to be more easily to add replace pictures with out the hassle. I have a new toy while being able to share our precious memories.,I'm going to buy another one for my daughter in law.she came by just to play with this. I love the time we spend around the frame reflection of our memories. No more sitting in front of a fire place.lol this is so easy to set up an enjoy, that's plus for me I have to have easy peasy. I highly recommend it. Customize it how you like.great quality. Crystal clear.

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