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Miss Pink Happy Birthday Gifts

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All over the world, birthdays mark the beginning of a new year and are a day when people feel renewed and refreshed. When one celebrates their birthday, it’s natural to want to commemorate the occasion with a special gift. But there’s more to the gift than just the present – giving a thoughtful and original gift is an expression of love and affection.

A heart is the place where love resides. So, 90 years of blissful togetherness is a way to celebrate love. Shovels are not needed when the soul of love lingers in the body. 90 years, in a relationship that has stood the test of time, love and innumerable trials and tribulations, is an achievement worth cherishing.

Do you want to send your love and wish for your special one's birthday?
Now we have this beautiful bangle for you!
It is elegant, cute and stylish, will add some elegance to your look!
The bangle is specially designed with engraved charms and 90 rose gold plated charms, with a little engraving that says "happy birthday" on it.
The 90 birthdays that we’ve been through, we are still the same; but we changed together.
Especially for the most important celebration of life, the birthday, let this bangle be a symbol of our years of loving memories together.



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